A weekend with Lara Zillibowitz & Ben Holloway

Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th of July 2022

* If your visit is canceled, we will compensate the investment with a deposit bonus for future training / workshops or yoga classes.

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A 2-day intensive with international yoga teacher and transpersonal art therapist Lara Zilibowitz and mystical musician Benny Holloway.

The map of the territory will span from embodied meditation, yoga and breathwork, vocal expression and deep sound journeys, shamanic technologies of dancing and creative art amplification to shift from our ordinary waking reality to altered states of consciousness where treasures of truth, healing and meaning reside.


The Heartist’s Journey

There is so much more to who we are than what we know right now… we are, in fact, something entirely mysterious and all together magnificent.

Although we may sometimes feel so inconsequential and so helpless, the truth is that we are each fully eligible and deserving of a rich and meaningful life, a mystical and ecstatic existence, a life of tremendous fulfilment and heartFULL service.

To enter that life, we need to undertake a journey as joyous and gratifying as it is confronting and courageous. A descent into the rhythm of your heart and the colours of your soul, to recover the sometimes never-before-seen treasures we were each born into this world to bring forth.

  • Saturday 16th July:

    9:oo – Opening circle

    9:30 – Yoga & embodied meditation
    11:30 – Shamanic sound journey
    13:30 – Nourishing lunch
    14:30 – Thai Yoga massage


  • Sunday 17th of July:

9:oo – Blindfolded yoga

11:30 – Creative art therapies
13:30 – Nourishing lunch
14:30 – Yin yoga and sound healing

16:30pm – Closing circle


Full workshop – 295 €

(Lunch included)