Nuestras formaciones de Yoga son un desarrollo de base creado para maestros apasionados y estudiantes serios. Tengas la ambición de convertirte en instructor de yoga o quieras llevar tu práctica de yoga a un nivel más profundo, las formaciones de de Tidore Yoga Club son un viaje sin límites hacia el autodescubrimiento y una comprensión más profunda del yoga

Cada gran viaje comienza con unos pequeños pasos.

30 Hour Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training

15-19 July 2019

Asana Intensives, Creative Flow Sequencing, Precise hands-on assisting.
Monday-Friday 10:00-17:30 ( 1.5 hour lunch break )

550€ regular ( 450 € early bird )

This is Yoga Teacher’s Training exploring the highly important aspects of teaching dynamic, inspired and therapeutic Vinyasa Flow Yoga. The main skills we will develop are understanding the inner, skillful actions required to make the practice come vibrantly to life; through embodiment, visual assessment, effective verbal cues, and precise/artful hands-on assists. Explore, embody and teach the important fundamental principles that build the bridge from foundational poses to advanced asanas. Begin each day with an in-depth flow practice infused with detailed physical and energetic alignment. Then we will take time to break down poses, to understand the component elements and openings that are required for progression to more advanced asanas. The final step is teaching, observing and assisting your students through the process. Learn to develop yoga classes and privates for different demographics / abilities / needs of your students, integrating a deeper understanding of alignment, to help your students safely grow in their practice.


Gain a better understanding of the universal physical/energetic principles and movement patterns from the Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Vinyasa systems. We will examine how the unique wisdom of the different styles of practice can greatly enhance our knowledge of the physical/energy body, in order for the parts to become exquisitely whole. Through this understanding, we have a knowledgeable platform to read the body in an energetic and wholistic way, create effective + transformational hands-on assists and teach asanas in a therapeutic and healing paradigm. Ultimately, we must make the teachings alive, as we adapt our teaching towards the special needs of each student. The immersion is designed for teachers from all traditions of yoga and experienced practitioners.


The focus of this training is embracing Vinyasa Flow as an energizing and healing practice; a creative outlet and therapeutic platform where the teacher can use their unique voice, assessment skills and experience to help each student find their place of joy and contentment. Moving away from scripted teaching toward creative and informed artistry, while becoming absolutely present with your students. Simon has devoted the past 23 years to synthesize the great lessons and wisdom of his primary teachers; Shiva Rea, Maty Ezraty, Richard Freeman, Dharma Mittra and Joan White, but most importantly, the teachings are brought to life in a way that is uniquely his own.


Topics to be explored:

  • Intensive and Healing Asana Practice: Detailed physical alignment, dynamic/creative vinyasa with intermediate/advanced asanas and therapeutic assists for all key asanas.
  • Energetic Alignment: Finding the skillful actions in postures that help the body and mind evolve, grow, and change.
  • Designing and developing engaging and therapeutic public classes and private sessions.
  • Learn creative and therapeutic assists for public classes and private students.
  • Be guided to follow your instinct through understanding healthy patterns of movement and balancing actions.
  • Pranayama + Meditation.
  • Restorative Thai Massage based in the Yoga Tradition.
  • Working therapeutically with common injuries and limitations.


About Simon: Simon Park began his Yoga journey in 1995 with Shiva Rea in the World Arts and Cultures Department at UCLA. Later acclaimed by Yoga Journal as “one of the most influential and gifted Yoga teachers of the next generation”, he has been leading workshops, teacher trainings, and retreats around the world since 2002. His free-style Vinyasa is fluid, intuitive, and encourages freedom through self-expression. Profoundly influenced by the teachings of Shiva Rea, Richard Freeman, Maty Ezraty, Joan White, and Dharma Mitra, ‘Liquid Flow Yoga’ feels like a beautiful dance between classical and modern Yoga. Dubbed the “Flying Nomad”, he draws inspiration from road legends such as Jimi Hendrix, who said, “the Earth is my home”.

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200 Hour Ashtanga Teacher Training

8 – 29 June

Is a solid Yoga Teacher Training Program that has develop from nearly 10 years experiences Yoga Teaching and 6 years experiences Running Yoga Teacher Training Program between Ricardo and Joy. After many year of teaching both of them have certified many hundred Yoga Teachers under Yoga Alliance standard. Both of them hold the category of E-RYT 500Hrs according to Yoga Alliance Standards

2700€ (2500€ early bird)

Este Teacher Training basado en Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga tienen como objetivo, darle las herramientas necesarias al estudiante de cómo practicar utilizando la alineación apropiada para el método de Ashtanga, basado en conocimientos de anatomía, principios de aplicación de bandhas y siempre buscando optimizar la calidad de la respiración

Este curso es apropiado tanto para estudiantes con experiencia como principiantes, ya que durante el curso se cubrirán desde los aspectos más básicos de la práctica hasta los más complejos.

Training de Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga certificadas por Yoga Alliance, Bright Yoga y Tidore Yoga Club !

Dos de los profesores que más admiramos, Ricardo Martin y Joy se han dedicado a estudiar y comprender verdaderamente la práctica, han enseñado yoga durante casi 10 años con más de 10.000 horas de experiencia en la enseñanza.

Guiarán de una manera abierta y gentil en este viaje de transformación personal. “Hemos ido perfeccionando nuestro método de enseñanza, para tener un método que ahora permite que un estudiante con una experiencia muy limitada se sienta y esté listo para enseñar. Nuestros cursos son adecuados para principiantes y estudiantes avanzados.”

La idea principal de este Training es ayudarte a desarrollar tu practica personal y entender el yoga más profunda e íntegramente

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